Alright, I admit it: I am addicted to my daily green smoothies, and I would be at a total loss without my Vitamix.I even have to confess that I lugged my Vitamix to New Hampshire with me! My days start with the whirrrrrrr of the Vitamix, loaded with kale or fresh spinach and lots of fresh, seasonal fruits. Add a bit of juice or water to get things going, and presto! A wonderful, energizing GREEN drink.I feel so much healthier and so much cleaner: that’s the best word I can think of to describe how good I feel including this amount of fresh greens in my daily diet. I encourage you to give one a try– the company is kind enough to offer a 30 day trial period.Start your 30-day no-risk in-home trial today and get FREE Standard Ground Shipping!Click here to learn more and get started.



Bend, stretch, soften, strengthen………sweat!!! detoxify!!!!


 I am always interested in ways to promote health, you all know that! And, I am a big proponent of healthy movement and exercise. Well, it’s time to check out hot yoga. If you are in the Lambertville area (and even if you are not: you get a discount if you travel FAR!) I ask you to give this a try. It is life-changing. Rhonda and her staff are motivating and knowledgable. Learn to stretch, strengthen and elongate those muscles and tendons! Walk taller, grow slender! Check it out at  Tell them Diane sent you!




Vitamin D: why you need it more than ever



I’ve been spouting about vitamin D for years, and finally doctors in my area are testing for it and recommending supplementation and brief exposure to sunlight..woo hoo! more about the benefits of vitamin D here now:


Living a greener, healthier life
find local, sustainable organic foods, stores, and farms

find local farmer’s markets, CSAs, co-ops, and stores. Find specific products as well

find less-toxic alternatives to cleaners, baby care, personal care and more



Raw Foods and Sprouting
everything you need to know about sprouting including unique sprouting blends, and sprouting containers. Also a good source for juicers







Fitness and Exercise
here’s where you can learn the benefits of Nordic walking– my favorite exercise!