Working the CSA– More than Nutrition

When I decided to buy a work share in our local CSA, I knew I would be blessed with a weekly allotment of fresh, organic vegetables. I love vegetables, having been a vegan at one time, and now I still focus on my beloved plant kingdom even though I eat the occasional fish and egg. […]

finding your way to connect

In our group meeting the other week, we talked about spirituality and the need to feel a part–not apart—of this world. It is not enough to be just a worker, a student, a spouse, a parent. We need to feel connection to a larger entity. We need this so that we are not alone when […]

Spring planting meditation

I wanted to tell everyone about my first day on the job, fulfilling my work share commitment at Asbury Farm. For those of you who do not know about CSAs, let me fill you in. Community Supported Agricultural farms allow small farmers to stay in business by selling shares of their crops to the public. […]