5 reasons to Green up your Diet

For years I have been known as the Veggie Girl and the girl who is always toting a Mason jar filled with something akin to pond water. Thick pond water. But alas, I have had a love affair with green vegetables for many years now. They taste good to me and I know they are […]

Soda is Good for You!

Well, THIS soda is good for you, full of fermented, gingery goodness. A big thank you goes out to Cultures for Health for publishing such awesome recipes for adding fermented foods to our diets. This recipe I am making currently is for Ginger Ale: the real thing, full of fresh ginger!! So here ya go: […]

Wicked good Zucchini cakes (or what to do with all those squash…)

There is nothing that says summer more than an abundance of zucchini. Well, maybe cucumbers. But zucchini are the veggies that are taken for granted, given away with abandon, left on neighbor’s porches during the night. But alas, here is the recipe for the best and easiest zucchini pancakes, so simple, in fact, you can […]

An Underappreciated Mineral

I have come to greatly appreciate the mineral, magnesium. Calcium’s little side kick, magnesium causes the muscles to relax when calcium tells them to contract. Magnesium is just as important to bone health as calcium, but unfortunately most doctors are not aware of this, and rarely recommend taking a bone supplement that includes not only […]

How to Choose Safe Foods

Everyone knows that it is better to eat organically raised produce and meats by now. Such foods are higher in nutrients and have no worrisome residues of hormones, herbicides, antibiotics and pesticides. We also know that eating totally organic can really raise the cost of feeding a family, especially in these trying economic times. How […]

Spend Time in Nature

What is it about nature that has such healing potential? Why does wandering through the grasses, hearing the birds sing have such a cathartic effect on us? How do we explain the inner connectedness we feel after breathing in the fresh, clean morning air of the trails? Who cares!! After two weeks under my belt […]

Drink up!

I’m a pretty heavy drinker. Green smoothies, fresh juices, teas, and Kombucha, yes: I drink a lot. Most of us do not drink enough, and it’s something we need to revisit. Our bodies are mostly water: our blood vessels and cells, mostly water. To function properly, our kidneys must receive enough hydration or they gum […]

Inspired by abundance

In the winter I long for a sun-ripened tomato, a grilled slab of zucchini or a plate of just-picked arugula. When summer finally arrives, so does the endless bounty!! Oh what to do with all the fruits of our labour?! I never complain about too many veggies. it brings out the creativity in me. Oh […]

Feeding the Picky Child

Dealing with picky eaters in your household?Large or small, some folks just don’t look forward to trying new foods, or have a set repertoire of foods they will eat and don’t stray too far from it. And, food habits become engrained with age. ┬áBut all is not lost!! As this writer points out, it is […]

Summer Surplus: Fast and Easy!

Ah, the fruits of my labor, tomatoes a plenty. It seems we yearn all winter for a fresh, ripe tomato. Then when they arrive, we are inundated!! Ditto for zucchini, cucumbers, beans….You will never hear me complain about an excess of veggies. Between Sandy and me and the dogs, every vegetable is appreciated. I am […]