Making the Most of a Snow Day

Another snow day for us here in New Jersey!! How do you take advantage of the extra time? Do you sleep in late? Veg out in front of the tv or computer? Do you sit by the window and watch the snow fall? I get really excited about the prospects of fresh snow and a […]

A Few Words about Anxiety and Depression

It seems that there are more and more people succumbing to anxiety and depression these days, and there are noticably more drugs available to “treat” them. I cannot help but think that the undue stress to perform, to get the to-do lists all checked off, to be all that you can be has muchto do […]

weathering the storm

The morning after the “blizzard of 2010″ boasts beautiful blue skies, sunshine and sparkling white snow. Here in western NJ, we got about 18” when it was all said and done. It made for a day without travel, a day where skis, snowshoes and snowmachines were the mode of transportation if you went out at […]

Surviving the holiday season– Mental health in the 21st century

     No one can argue that the holiday season is a very stressful time of year. Pressure to shop, bake, and entertain puts added stress into an already stress-filled schedule. Family members forced to maintain close quarters for lengthy periods of time often end up in excess tension or heated arguments as old wounds […]

The Season’s First Snow

women’s nutrition matters, llc Diane Lassen, RN, HHC  908-377-0773 The first storm of the season has left us with about 6-8 inches of fresh, light snow. I had the dogs out around 6 this morning, and the snow was still falling, although not as heavily as last night. A beautiful reminder that winter […]

Taking Time to Connect

I have written in the past about establishing a connection to nature, about having a connection with a higher power. We all need to feel connected in this world. I want to talk a bit about forming connections with each other. This fast-paced world with all its time-saving gadgets leaves us spent, depleted and wondering […]

Working exercise into a Busy Schedule

We are all busy, and we are all pressed for time. But there is no better time to get more exercise than when we are burning the candle at both ends, and stressing out over it. Our bodies were meant to move, not sit at a desk. The mental stress we endure is not what […]

Living, dying and dealing in a healthy way

I suppose that this isn’t the place to write about my dog who is dying from cancer. Or is it? This is a site that revolves around living life to the fullest, and using everything we have available to do it in the most healthful way possible. So shouldn’t we give consideration to the fact […]

Working the CSA– More than Nutrition

When I decided to buy a work share in our local CSA, I knew I would be blessed with a weekly allotment of fresh, organic vegetables. I love vegetables, having been a vegan at one time, and now I still focus on my beloved plant kingdom even though I eat the occasional fish and egg. […]

finding your way to connect

In our group meeting the other week, we talked about spirituality and the need to feel a part–not apart—of this world. It is not enough to be just a worker, a student, a spouse, a parent. We need to feel connection to a larger entity. We need this so that we are not alone when […]