More Exciting Information and Why you should Take Vitamin D!

¬† I have written many times in the past about the need for vitamin D supplementation. My interest in this vitamin started years ago before you heard much about it, and it has only continued to become a more interesting topic as time and research continues. It bears repeating that vitamin D is called the […]

Losing Weight–there’s More to it than you Think!

Recently I spent three days at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City. What a thrill it was to once again be surrounded with practitioners who believe that we can help our patients have good health—-by looking at the whole person and evaluating what they see, and then implementing strategies to allow the body […]

My thoughts on the flu vaccine

Everybody is buzzing about the flu vaccine! “Do I get the regular vaccine?” “Do I get the swine flu vaccine? What about for my kids?” I hear the questions many times throughout the day in my office. As a nurse, I have to tell my patients that the CDC is recommending the flu vaccines especially […]

More on Vitamin D

I know, I have posted on vitamin D in the past, but I keep reading more and more wonderful stuff about it, so I have to expound!! After hearing directly from Dr. Michael Holick at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium last month, and reading the newsletter from the Vitamin D Council¬†this month. I am beginning to […]