creating Good from Evil

Salvaging good from “evil” Hiking up on the preserve near my house with my boys this weekend, we came upon a huge pile of white pine limbs blocking the trail. Odd, someone must have taken down a tree, or perhaps a storm had taken it down, but whatever the reason, a large pile of limbs […]

4 Things you can do now to avoid the Flu

Upping the Ante for Winter Wellness Winter is in full swing and by the looks of the waiting room in our family health center, the winter viruses and flu are at a seasonal high. Who are those masked people?? Didn’t they get the flu shot this year?? (I have my tongue in my cheeks, ladies, […]

Make your own Kombucha!

First things first: I still have a couple SCOBYs that I need to find homes for, or they go into the compost pile! So if you live nearby, contact me ASAP! The art of making Kombucha is thousands of years old, dating back to ancient China and 19th century Russia. It is a tart, bubbly […]

Back to Basics Skin Care

Summer is here, ladies, and with this hot weather I am sure we are all baring a lot more skin these days! Beyond wearing a good, chemical-free sunscreen, it is important to take care of and nourish our skin on a regular basis. Daily! There are a lot of skin products on the market, most […]

Spring Cleaning Day 3!

Day 3 has come and almost gone. I am one happy girl. To start, I slept better than usual (sleep is an issue for me ) and woke up at 4:45, fifteen minutes before the alarm. I never do that! Today was the first day I went without any caffeine at all: and I felt […]

Two Days Down!

Here I am at the end of day two of my spring cleanse, and I feel pretty awesome! Here’s the recap of my first two days: Yesterday I was really excited to get going, so I did my major shopping (see prior post). I started the day off having some 90% decaf coffee and a […]

Pretty Water

One thing I can say with certainty is that we don’t drink enough water. When you realize that our bodies are 70% water, it makes you consider your sipping habits, doesn’t it? The average person should drink about 8 glasses of water a day. If you want to get technical, take your weight in pounds […]

Spring Cleaning 2012!

Okay, guys, it’s time to clean!! Time to get rid of the toxins, the winter weight and the sluggish metabolism. Time to break the dependence on caffeine and sugary foods. Are you ready? Take the plunge with me as we begin a spring cleanse. Do it for a few days, a week or a month, […]

Better Digestion starts in your Head

Intuitively, we all know that there is a strong, innate link between our mind and our gut. When we are nervous, we get butterflies in our stomach. When we are having a fight with our spouse, we get a knot in our stomach. When stress is ongoing, often we experience diarrhea or constipation regardless of […]

More Exciting Information and Why you should Take Vitamin D!

  I have written many times in the past about the need for vitamin D supplementation. My interest in this vitamin started years ago before you heard much about it, and it has only continued to become a more interesting topic as time and research continues. It bears repeating that vitamin D is called the […]