Once again, it’s the Vitamix

You know how much I love my Vitamix. Either outwardly expressing my gratitude or covertly including recipes that are best made with the machine, it is no secret that this is the best thing to enter my healthy kitchen since…..organic kale! Recently I sat down with my copy of Mother Earth News and was reading […]

Product Review– Mary’s Gone Crackers!!

Had to take a moment and write about these goodies. They are truly awesome!! We all know when we get a craving for something. Something sweet, something salty, something warm and rich, something crunchy. Well, I have the healthy answer for the something crunchy part! What would you think of a gluten and wheat free […]

Burt’s Bees Hair Treatment is great!!

Okay, all of you with long hair must be having fits trying to keep it moist and healthy during this intense cold weather!! Short of keeping it in a hat, I do everything I can to protect my tresses. Actually, I do keep it in a hat when I am outside, and it’s usually tied […]

Product Review– new Eczema Cream

For those of you who have eczema, winter can be an itchy time of year. I know, I’ve had eczema on and off since I was 25 or so. “The itch that rashes”, eczema produces a crusty, red itchy patch after you scratch. Standard treatment is topical cortisone creams, with their own set of side […]

Book Review- “Nourishing Wisdom”

I just finished reading a marvelous book I have to recommend to all of you who struggle with what to eat. It’s called Nourishing Wisdom, by Marc David. He calls it “a mind-body approach to nutrition and well-being”, and I wholeheartedly agree. As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I often fight with myself regarding what is best […]

My perspective on perspiring…

Okay, this isn’t the most talked about topic, so I guess this is why I am writing about it! We have grown up in this country using all sorts of anti-perspirants and deodorants ever since we were little kids. No one wanted stinky arm pits lest we be ridiculed by our peers. And as adults, […]

Safe, healthy sun, safer sunscreen

I know I might be a little late in writing about proper “sun care”: it is August, after all. But for a topic as important as this, I figure it’s “better late than never.”   I’ve touched upon the need for Vitamin D in the past. You may recall that here in the U.S. we […]