creating Good from Evil

Salvaging good from “evil” Hiking up on the preserve near my house with my boys this weekend, we came upon a huge pile of white pine limbs blocking the trail. Odd, someone must have taken down a tree, or perhaps a storm had taken it down, but whatever the reason, a large pile of limbs […]

Making the Most of a Snow Day

Another snow day for us here in New Jersey!! How do you take advantage of the extra time? Do you sleep in late? Veg out in front of the tv or computer? Do you sit by the window and watch the snow fall? I get really excited about the prospects of fresh snow and a […]

Yoga, Anyone?

I have always been a Type A, multi-tasking woman. You want it done, let me at it. I used to pride myself in crossing off all the items on my daily “to do” list. As I delved deeper and deeper into health research and spent more time listening to my inner mind, I realized that […]

The Season’s First Snow

women’s nutrition matters, llc Diane Lassen, RN, HHC  908-377-0773 The first storm of the season has left us with about 6-8 inches of fresh, light snow. I had the dogs out around 6 this morning, and the snow was still falling, although not as heavily as last night. A beautiful reminder that winter […]

Autumn Weather

Autumn weather is by far my favorite. The crisp, cool morning air that warms up to a delightful sunny day is everything I dream about! Many of you know that I am the mother of 2 new poodles now, a middle-aged rescue mini named Smokey and a 7 month old, 47.3 pound Australian Standard poodle […]

Toning Muscles and Reducing Soreness related to Yardwork

Are you tired of raking yet??? Here in New Jersey, we just had a night of fierce wind and rain to bring another batch of leaves to the ground. I daresay there can’t be many more left, right? There were even tornado warnings for several counties last night. I love to do yardwork, especially leaves. […]

Yard work is good for the body and soul

What a gorgeous weekend! I love my weekends, and I particularly love them in the fall. I am blessed to have 3-day weekends, which never seem long enough, especially this time of year. I always start my days with a hike with Bolo, either at Round Valley, the Columbia Trail or Voorhees Park. The weather […]

Being present during exercise

Well, I’m up in the Adirondacks for the weekend with my husband, Sandy, and the dogs. Our youngest daughter is moving to Burlington this weekend for school, and I am taking advantage of the lovely early fall weather up here for some hiking with Bolo. I got up early as usual, and headed over to […]

Here’s to an early Autumn!

I know that the vast majority of women prefer the hot weather of summer to the cold in winter. Having worked outside for 20 years on horse farms, I feel pretty comfortable in saying that I have lived through the worst –and best!– of both. I love my gardening and hiking in the warm months, […]