5 reasons to Green up your Diet

For years I have been known as the Veggie Girl and the girl who is always toting a Mason jar filled with something akin to pond water. Thick pond water. But alas, I have had a love affair with green vegetables for many years now. They taste good to me and I know they are […]

Preparing for nature’s Bounty

As I look at the increasingly greenness of my gardens, I prepare with eager anticipation the creation of wonderful meals full of freshness and vitality. I am the consummate veggie girl even though I have added the wonderful meats of Asgaard Farm and Mace Chasm Farm to my diet. I long for grilled vegetables, raw […]

Soda is Good for You!

Well, THIS soda is good for you, full of fermented, gingery goodness. A big thank you goes out to Cultures for Health for publishing such awesome recipes for adding fermented foods to our diets. This recipe I am making currently is for Ginger Ale: the real thing, full of fresh ginger!! So here ya go: […]

Feeding the Picky Child

Dealing with picky eaters in your household?Large or small, some folks just don’t look forward to trying new foods, or have a set repertoire of foods they will eat and don’t stray too far from it. And, food habits become engrained with age. ┬áBut all is not lost!! As this writer points out, it is […]

Best Baked Beans

Beans are so simple, so easy to overlook. For years, they have gotten a bad rap because of, well, you know. But in truth, beans are a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. They are a great source of plant protein, very high in fiber and filling. They can be added to salads, soups, and […]

Ways to Dress up your Morning ‘Cakes

Pancakes are a ritual on the weekends for my husband and me. He sleeps, and I busily create breakfast for the two of us. Pancakes are wonderfully easy to prepare and easy to fortify with healthful additions. Here’s what I do: I start with a healthful pancake mix, such as Bob’s Red Mill. I use […]

Once again, it’s the Vitamix

You know how much I love my Vitamix. Either outwardly expressing my gratitude or covertly including recipes that are best made with the machine, it is no secret that this is the best thing to enter my healthy kitchen since…..organic kale! Recently I sat down with my copy of Mother Earth News and was reading […]

Spring Cleaning Day 3!

Day 3 has come and almost gone. I am one happy girl. To start, I slept better than usual (sleep is an issue for me ) and woke up at 4:45, fifteen minutes before the alarm. I never do that! Today was the first day I went without any caffeine at all: and I felt […]

Two Days Down!

Here I am at the end of day two of my spring cleanse, and I feel pretty awesome! Here’s the recap of my first two days: Yesterday I was really excited to get going, so I did my major shopping (see prior post). I started the day off having some 90% decaf coffee and a […]

Diane’s shopping list for the Spring Cleanse

well, I woke up rarin’ to go… I made a pot of organic decaf and waved a sprinkling of regular organic coffee over it to make me think I was getting enough caffeine this morning…it worked. Two cups, no headache. Yeah! So after reading through the Juicing bible, Juicing For Life, by Cherie Calbom, and […]