creating Good from Evil

Salvaging good from “evil” Hiking up on the preserve near my house with my boys this weekend, we came upon a huge pile of white pine limbs blocking the trail. Odd, someone must have taken down a tree, or perhaps a storm had taken it down, but whatever the reason, a large pile of limbs […]

4 Things you can do now to avoid the Flu

Upping the Ante for Winter Wellness Winter is in full swing and by the looks of the waiting room in our family health center, the winter viruses and flu are at a seasonal high. Who are those masked people?? Didn’t they get the flu shot this year?? (I have my tongue in my cheeks, ladies, […]

Product Review– new Eczema Cream

For those of you who have eczema, winter can be an itchy time of year. I know, I’ve had eczema on and off since I was 25 or so. “The itch that rashes”, eczema produces a crusty, red itchy patch after you scratch. Standard treatment is topical cortisone creams, with their own set of side […]

The Right Breakfast for the Job

I write to you from beautiful, snowy Lake Placid! Bolo and I went out for a super 2.5 mile hike through the woods, up hills and over streams—oh, it was lovely! But neither of us left the cabin before having a good, energy-sustaining breakfast. Do you eat breakfast everyday? You should!! It’s the perfect way to […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Greetings from Lake Placid, where it is a chilly 0 degrees, and happy new year!! Did you have a good 2008, or are you looking for a fresh start in 2009? Have you made your resolutions for this year? If you are like many Americans, you have made resolutions having to do with losing weight, […]

Combatting winter’s dryness

I love the winter, but my skin certainly does not. And since I am further along in my fourth decade, my skin will show every crease and crinkle when the air gets too dry. When winter air starts to dry out too much, not only does our skin dry but our mucous membranes in our […]

Book Review- “Nourishing Wisdom”

I just finished reading a marvelous book I have to recommend to all of you who struggle with what to eat. It’s called Nourishing Wisdom, by Marc David. He calls it “a mind-body approach to nutrition and well-being”, and I wholeheartedly agree. As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I often fight with myself regarding what is best […]

Surviving the holiday season

By now I’m sure you’ve felt the rush of the holiday season again upon us. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas music is playing in Walmart already. That wave of panic runs through our veins as we think of our holiday “to do ” list. I fall into this holiday panic trap like the rest of […]

Toning Muscles and Reducing Soreness related to Yardwork

Are you tired of raking yet??? Here in New Jersey, we just had a night of fierce wind and rain to bring another batch of leaves to the ground. I daresay there can’t be many more left, right? There were even tornado warnings for several counties last night. I love to do yardwork, especially leaves. […]

There is no right diet, only a process…

I write this as much for myself as for all of you out there. Most of us have dieted for one reason or another, and most of us have not enjoyed the process. That is why I help my clients to become more aware of their body’s intuitive needs, its subtle voice regarding what it […]